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A high-temperature melt viscometer



A high-temperature melt viscometer
The metal melt viscosity of molten salt and chemical stiction quantitative solve a main physical quantities of the liquid flow behavior as well as the metallurgical process kinetics related issues, such as small bubbles floating liquid metal and non-metallic inclusions float separation process or in the slag and the metal during the reaction, continuously detecting the viscosity and the corresponding changes in the composition of the slag, slag / metal reaction rate of the key information can be obtained.
If equipped with a container of a liquid suspension in a fine suspension line, an initial twist to the container, to freely vibrating the vibration due to the internal friction of the liquid consumption can wiggler vibration of the system will slowly decay. According to this principle, the measurement of different liquid samples the amount of decrease of the vibration amplitude and the vibration time, the viscosity of the liquid can be obtained data.
Technical parameters:
1. Test temperature: maximum temperature of 1000 ℃, 1600 ℃ optional
2. Test environment: high purity inert gas or vacuum environment of varying degrees
3. Test range: 0.1cp-10cp
4. Sample cup material: stainless steel, corundum, graphite, platinum
5. Sample cup size: diameter 35mm, height 100mm
6. Sample Beigai: diameter 35mm
7. Heating rate :0-50 ℃ / Min
8. Temperature control accuracy: 1 ° C


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