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Thermal expansion coefficient locator



Thermal expansion coefficient locator Description:

The apparatus is used to measure temperature in the state of metal materials, ceramics, masks, fire-proof material and other non-metallic materials in the process of being heated roast expansion and contraction performance, also apply to the ceramic tiles GB/T3810.8-1999 linear thermal expansion tests.
Main technical parameters :
1, the maximum furnace temperature : 1,200 ℃, 1400 ℃, 1600 ℃
2, measured deformation scope : +2.5mm.
3, sensitivity : =0.1um
4, electrical precision : +5 ℃
5, the computer automatically calculate expansivity, the line swelling volume. 6, automatic and automatic calculation of the compensation factor compensation may artificial amendment.
7, specimen size : charged 6~10* 50mm, 10 *10 *50mm
8, electricity : 220V,2KW
9, Zrpy wisdom expansion device automatically facility, recording, storage, printing several Accordingly, the printing temperature-expansion coefficient curve. All testing operations are completed computer interface, easy to operate and provide a full range of software easier to learn.





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